Programmers, Artists, Gamers

We are just a small group of friends that originally came together to playtest the now published (and awesome) Immortal Empires RPG for Mature Players. We formed various tech and service companies apart from each other that were basically rivals. Not too long ago, we merged our efforts and finished some products. We want to get our fun ideas out to the world! We thank everyone involved. Learn how to become an Angel partner.

Our Core Team

It's Fill Murray everybody


An avid writer, the Subrosa.Games President has several published books and relating to the Immortal Empires RPG.

It's Fill Murray everybody

Vice President

Our Vice President is a seasoned gamer and programmer of websites and mobile apps, but raises chickens!

It's Fill Murray everybody


Our oldest team member, he's been around since the age of Chainmail. He helps us write Adventures for games.

It's Fill Murray everybody


Currently Vacant. We need a partner who can place our ads for efficacious visibility.

It's Fill Murray everybody


Currently Vacant. We need a confident and experienced sales person to work by commission.

It's Fill Murray everybody


We all help where we can. If a customer has a question, we try to answer within 48 hours.