The Adventurer's Rulebook

The Adventurer's Rulebook

Great Art. Great Game System. Great Game!

In The Adventurer's Rulebook, players will find all the rules, character generation, skill explanations, race, calling, vocations, open magic system, player major and minor fighting art powers and explanations, combat & tactics for the first through the seventh ages of game play, as well as color and black and white character record sheets for copying.

The alternate game world draws on our history but adds five very special (and powerfully magical) ancient races, dragons, fey, and the evil demigod-like creatures called Marunes who try to destroy civilization.

This book is companion to The Storyteller's Codex which holds more secret information the players should not know initially. If you are a player, having your own copy of this book is a MUST. If you are a Storyteller, then you should have this book in addition to The Storyteller's Codex.

This is a brand new game system that is NOT watered down. It aims at those stalwart lovers of tabletop RPG games that allowed you to tweak characters in a variety of ways, all the while adding to rich character development and plot intrigue. The straightforward yet welcome complexity of the system, coupled with the backstabbing potential of devious political (even player vs. player) subterfuge (and powerful spells and dazzling swordplay and -- let's not forget -- sexy, powerful women) make our intended audience for this game a Mature audience.

This game book covers all game play for five ancient races (Astorians (Ancient Romans), Arkadians (Celtic ancestors), Ammorians (Aegyptian/African ancestors), Oshekogans (ancient Chinese ancestors), and Atlanteans from the pre-historic era (The Beginnings) of the First Age, The Legends of the Second Age, the Power of the Third Age, the War of the Fourth Age, the Republican Era of the Fifth Age, the Imperial Era of the Sixth Age, and the magical explosion of the Seventh Age where the world is saturated with the magical Weave. The other three ages (the Dead World of the Eighth Age, the Cyber Age, and the Galactic Age) have their own book.

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